How to measure correctly

Measurements are made on lightly dressed figures so that the necessary points on the human body can be felt.
We recommend the assistance of another person to make the measurement more accurate. Before measuring yourself, pull objects out of your pockets and belt. Wear a ribbon (or a tailor’s tape measure) around your waist to mark your waist correctly. When measuring
stand upright but in natural relaxation. When measuring circumferential measures, we insert 2 fingers under the tailor’s tape measure.

Basic dimensions

Height – measure in a straight line from the tip of the head to the heels. Stand straight, with your feet together. Take off your shoes when measuring.

Chest circumference – measure horizontally over the largest protrusion of the breasts and over the shoulder blades, measure under the arms.

Waist circumference – measure horizontally at the narrowest point close to the auxiliary ribbon at the waist. The meter must be freely, not firmly retracted. For obese figures, we measure in the widest waist circumference, usually at the navel.

The waist circumference for station pants can be measured at the point where the pants are worn. For emergency pants, overalls and slacks, we measure at the navel – this measure is especially important for an atypical figure.

Chest circumference
Waist circumference normal figure
Waist circumference atypical figure

Hip circumference
Measure horizontally across the widest part of the seat.
You have to stand with your feet together.

Thigh circumference
Measure horizontally around the thigh at crotch height.

For station

For emergency trousers,

Side length of pants
Measure from the waist along the limb to the ground and subtract approx. 3 cm from the measured length, possibly the dimension of the required length of the trousers

Step length
Measure from the crotch along the inside of the lower limb to the ground and subtract the same dimension from the measured value as for the side length. Stand in a slight crotch.

Sleeve length with shoulder strap
Measure from the neck over the shoulders down to the elbow to the wrist (with the thumb resting on the shoulder joint).
The arm is slightly bent at the elbow.