It is DuPont™ programme for European partners of the company who fulfil the highest quality of products when Nomex® materials are used.

DuPont Nomex® Partner

There is a special support program for DUPONT partners, supporting continuous quality control of the company’s products from fiber to suits.

PBI Performance

The company’s products provide exceptional quality products for firefighters. They are mainly characterized by high thermal protection and mechanical resistance.


It is breathable membrane on the base of PTFE produced by the company W.L. GORE which mainly ensures water and resistance. It is mechanically and chemically resistant, with lower flammability, comfortable in all extreme situations. It is mainly used in firefighter’s garments and garments for industrial workers.

Gore® Parallon™

It is a unique firefighter protection system created by combining a highly functional membrane and a thermal barrier. Provides comfort and high thermal protection of the firefighter in a humid environment.

Mannequin Test

It is a method of measuring and predicting the level of burns of a firefighter in an extreme environment. The device is equipped with sensors that evaluate the level of protection of suits during this thermal test according to ISO 13506.


It is a product line of 3M products designed primarily for high visibility in day and night conditions. The products are highly fluorescent and retroreflective, possibly with reduced flammability.

SOFIGUARD® Performance

Special treatment applied on outershell fabric. It ensures protection against liquid chemicals and water with minimum 25 washing cycles before any reimpregnation. Provides protection against liquid chemicals and water for at least 25 wash cycles, without the need for additional impregnation.


It is a special technology of the SOFILETA company applied mainly on fabrics for external use. This impregnation provides long-term protection against water, oils and chemicals.


It is a special modification of the SOFILETA company applied mainly on materials inside clothes. The system ensures fast moisture removal from the user’s body, fast drying and high comfort.


It is a special technology used for yarns in fabrics from the company SOFILETA. Above all, it ensures high mechanical resistance and excellent appearance after multiple maintenance of suits.

Power Shell

It is a highly durable technology from IBENA for impregnating fabrics intended mainly for firefighters. The outer layer of suits is thus able to withstand water and chemicals without impregnation for up to 30 maintenance cycles.

Smart Seam Saver®

DEVA’s patented system for protecting sewing threads against mechanical damage. The sewing threads are protected in the formed groove of reflective materials and are thus highly abrasion-resistant.


It is a special treatment of the outershell material PBI Matrix® from the company Heatcoat wchich ensures protection against liquid chemicals and water. The outer layer of the garments guarantees 30 washing cycles before any reimpregnation. The outer layer of the suit thus withstands up to 30 washing cycles without the need for additional reimpregnation.

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