From 1. 11. 2015 - Change of ordering suits

Dear customers,

In order to make more efficient production and possibly shorten delivery time we introduce new system in proceeding orders.

Effective from 1.11.2015 

The change is concerning  orders of all suits (jacket + trousers)

From 1.11.2015 we are not able to receive orders for " suits ". It will be necessary to set separate coats and separate trousers including sizes into the order. Prices will be kept the same as for suits.

Fee for atypical sizes for one layer garments are 5 €, for multilayer garments are 10 €.

Considered atypical size :

  • oversize is size outside the range of the base table- range  (table range disposed for each product on the website) 
  • shortening or prolongation of sleeves, trousers length or coat length etc.

Thank you for your comprehension and looking forward to cooperation